Centennial Celebration Mercer Area District

Mercer Area District
Boy Scout Camporee With Invited Webelos Scouts,
April 23-25, 2010
Cub Scout Cub-A-Rama,
April 24, 2010
Quail Hill Scout Reservation

Orienteering Results [posted Apr-27-2010]

Thanks to everyone who attended the Camporee and Cubarama.
We had over 800 youth participants and over 500 adult participants.

Very special thanks to all the volunteers who ran the 37 amazing stations.
Stations for Boys Scouts and Invited Webelos Scouts only:
Carpentry Merit Badge
Fire by Flint and Steel
Fire by Friction
Knot Tying Relay
Pathfinding Merit Badge
Scuba Diving
Semaphore for Signaling Merit Badge
Sight and Sound Morse Code for Signaling Merit Badge
String Burning Contest
Tomahawk Toss
Tracking Merit Badge
Wig-Wag Morse Code for Signaling Merit Badge
Stations for all Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts:
Card Swapping Game
Orienteering Challenge (counts as 3 stations)
Log Pull
Monkey Bridge
Radio Direction Game
Rope Making
Scouting History
Stations for Cub Scouts only:
Archery Range
BB Gun Range
Leave No Trace
Nature Trail Hike
Outdoor Cooking
Outdoor Sports
Paper Airpanes
Pinewood Derby
Rain Gutter Regatta
Rubber Band Guns
Space Derby
Tie It Right

Historical Merit Badges [updated Apr-20-2010]
Prospective Scout Information [updated Apr-25-2010]

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