1997 Fall Camporee Mercer Area District

Watch The Skies!
The Mercer Area District 1997 Fall Camporee was held 17-19 October 1997
at the Tall Cedars of Lebanon Picnic Grove in Hamilton, New Jersey.
Attending were:
The following Troops were represented
  Troop 6* Troop 15* Troop 26 Troop 27 Troop 28*
  Troop 33* Troop 38* Troop 43* Troop 59* Troop 64*
  Troop 71 Troop 79 Troop 87 Troop 88 Troop 91*
  Troop 96 Troop 168 Troop 180 Troop 184 Troop 257
  Troop 360 Troop 759*
  * indicates Honor Troop

The winners of the Golden Skillet Competition were
The winners of the Robot Mascot Competition were

Activity Stations

Astronomy Merit Badge - Amateur Astronomy Association of Princeton
6 Scouts completed all of the requirements;
36 Scouts completed part of the requirements.

Astronomy Merit Badge - Pearl Observatory
38 Scouts completed part of the requirements.

Aviation Merit Badge
86 Scouts completed all of the requirements.

Inflatable Planeterium - Pearl Observatory
206 people attended one of the 12 presentations.

Jamboree On The Air - Delaware Valley Radio Association
100 Scouts made a radio contact that qualified for the JOTA patch

Night Telescopes - Pearl Observatory
40 observers

Rocket Launchings
415 blast-offs

Space Exploration Merit Badge - Civil Air Patrol
6 Scouts completed all of the requirements.

Webelos and Cub Scout Activity Stations
150 participants

Wig-Wag Signalling Towers
100 participants

Photographs of the 1997 MAD Fall Camporee

Watch The Skies Patch (27K)
Sky Watchers - Close Up (60K)
Sky Watchers - Wide Angle(88K)
Jamboree On The Air (66K)
Webelos At The Wigwag Station (65K)
Rocket Blast-Off (45K)

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