1998 Spring Camporee Mercer Area District

Mid-Atlantic Scout Orienteering Championships

The Mercer Area District 1998 Spring Camporee was held 01-03 May 1998 at Hibernia County Park in Pennsylvania. On Saturday the attending Scouts participated in the Mid-Atlantic Scout Orienteering Championships at nearby Fench Creek State Park. The following Troops were represented:

Troops In Attendance
Troop 6 Hamilton               Troop 91 Hamilton
Troop 15 Ewing         Troop 96 Hamilton
Troop 26 Ewing   Troop 52 Cranbury      
Troop 27 Lawrence   Troop 59 Hightstown      
Troop 64 East Windsor            
Troop 33 Ewing         Troop 759 Plainsboro
Troop 40 West Windsor   Troop 87 Hamilton   Troop 46 Montgomery


Photographs of the MAD 1998 Spring Camporee

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