1998 Klondike Derby Mercer Area District

Mountaintop Experience II

The Mercer Area District 1998 Klondike Derby Camporee was held 23-25 January 1998 at the summit of the Jack Frost Mountain Ski Area in Pennsylvania. The following Troops were represented:

Troops In Attendance
Troop 6 Hamilton      Troop 41 Pennington      Troop 91 Hamilton
Troop 15 Ewing   Troop 43 Princeton   Troop 96 Hamilton
Troop 26 Ewing   Troop 52 Cranbury   Troop 184 West Windsor
Troop 27 Lawrence   Troop 59 Hightstown   Troop 283 Vernon
Troop 28 Lawrence   Troop 63 Hamilton   Troop 360 Trenton
Troop 33 Ewing   Troop 79 Washington   Troop 759 Plainsboro
Troop 40 West Windsor   Troop 87 Hamilton   Troop 5700 Hightstown

Klondike Sled Race
First Place Wolverine Patrol Troop 27 Lawrence
Second Place Wolf Patrol Troop 360 Trenton
Third Place Cobra Patrol Troop 283 Vernon

Klondike Skills Competition
First Place Purple Horny Moon Patrol Troop 28 Lawrence
Second Place Eagle Patrol Troop 96 Hamilton
Third Place Wolverine Patrol Troop 40 West Windsor
Fourth Place Eagle Patrol Troop 41 Pennington

Overall Honor Troop
Troop 28 Lawrence

Golden Skillet Award - Best Dutch Oven Dessert
Troop 91 Hamilton

Photographs of the MAD 1998 Winter Camporee

MAD 1998 Klondike Derby Patch (32K)

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