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The Boy Scout Roundtable is a great place to meet other troop leaders and share information, ask questions and learn about the latest changes to the Boy Scout program.

Every meeting has three main parts:

Announcements - we try to make these a quick as possible. Please let the Commissioner know ahead of time if you need to make an announcement.

Presentation - Usually on a timely topic. It may be refresher training or news about changes to the boy scout program. If there is a topic that you would like to hear about, or if you have information that you need to present, please contact the Commissioner so that he may schedule it in advance.

Roundtable Discussion - This is where you can talk about the issues and share information. Sometimes the presentation will spawn a discussion about itís topic. We typically announce this topic in advance. This is a true "roundtable" discussion in that everyone has an equal say and no one person leads the conversation. The Commissioner only serves to moderate and keep the discussion productive. This is a good opportunity to share your ideas and concerns about your troop and to hear what other leaders are doing about these same issues. We usually get into some very interesting discussions and most of the leaders attending walk away with some great ideas.

Who should attend the Boy Scout Roundtable?

Anyone with involvement in a Troopís program. Boy Scouting is constantly changing and evolving and every leader need to keep on top of these changes. If you have little experience, then this is the place to learn about how the Boy Scout program really works. If you have a lot of experience, then you can share what you know with others. Every unit should be sending at least one of itís leaders to the monthly roundtable meeting.

Some handouts from previous Boy Scout Roundtable presentations:

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