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The Mercer Area District Roundtable FAQ's

Who Should Attend?

All Leaders, Scouters and Parents from the District are invited to attend. Every unit should have at least one person attend - preferably more!! If you have little experience, then this is the place to learn about how the Scouting program really works. If you have a lot of experience, then come out and share your wisdom with others looking to gain it. Either way, you are sure to have a great time.

What is Roundtable?

It is a form of supplemental training and sharing of information among fellow volunteers. The objective of roundtable is to give you hands on program ideas in addition to information on events and training opportunities (as well as an opportunity for you to share feedback on events). It is also a great opportunity to share experiences and enjoy the fun and fellowship of other Scouting leaders. As a result of the roundtable experience, you will be inspired, motivated and able to provide a stronger program for your scouts. Roundtable is the best way to find out what's happening in the council and district, and is a great way to improve the program we provide to the youths in our units! It simply helps you do a better job.

Why Attend These Meetings?

We know you can get training on-line, BUT you cannot ask questions and get real world feedback from your fellow leaders that have been through what you are facing. You cannot build relationships with fellow leaders to share great ideas of where to go camping, hiking, or how to plan out that next event. YOU CAN ONLY GET THAT AT ROUNDTABLE. The meetings provide enthusiasm, inspiration, vision and a renewing desire to serve youth. It also provides skills, techniques, information, and program ideas - the know-how that makes your unit more successful and you an even better leader.

What are the meetings like?

Prior to the meeting there is an open gathering of district leaders, commissioners, fellow Cub Scout and Boy Scout leaders, and the District Director. It is your chance to informally talk to fellow leaders and make contacts around the District to share ideas. When the meeting starts, it is broken into sessions for Cub Scout Leaders and Boy Scout Leaders - so you can focus on the type of unit that is most important to you. The Roundtable Commissioner guides the meetings to allow for ample discussions and the sharing of the newest ideas for you to use at your meeting. Most importantly, the meetings are full of fun things to do that you can bring back to your unit.

So, when and where are the Meetings?

The first Wednesday of every month (except July and August) at 7:00 PM at Our Lady of Sorrows Roman Catholic Church located at 3816 E. State Street, Hamilton, NJ.


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