Skies 2003 Scouts To The Skies 2003

Mercer Area District
Scouts To The Skies
Boy Scout Camporee, October 3-5, 2003
Cub Scout Cub-A-Rama, October 4, 2003
NAVAIR Lakehurst, New Jersey

100th Anniversary of the First Powered Flight
by the Wright Brothers At Kitty Hawk

Thanks to the more than 1100 people who attended Scouts To The Skies.
Special thanks to all the volunteers who manned the stations.
Very special thanks to Lakehurst NAES for their wonderful support.
Aviation Resources
Aviation Merit Badge Resources
Gliders Flown As Kites Station
Model Airplanes at Scouts To The Skies
updated August 22, 2003
The Popular Mechanics Glider
Don't try this at home!
NAVAIR Lakehurst Web Site
Sun And Moon Tables
Promotional Poster (doc - 319 kB)
Wings Graphic (html - 25 kB)

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