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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Our Lady of Sorrows Roman Catholic Church
3816 E. State Street, Hamilton, NJ

Gathering at 7:00 PM

Starting at 7:00 PM

Rechartering Packet Pickup and Training (pdf)

Dear Unit Leaders,
The Boy Scouts motto is "Be Prepared" and we teach our youth to think in advance and to gather everything they may need for the future.
And, we want you to be prepared to recharter your units for the upcoming year! We understand that rechartering can be a challenge and sometimes confusing and frustrating. Also, due to the change in councils, there are also some changes in the process that you need to be aware of.
The rechartering packets will be available at our next Roundtable meeting on October 1st - see attached flyer. If you cannot attend, please send someone from your unit to pick up your packet (it is always a good idea to have someone other than the unit leader take care of rechartering anyway).
This envelope contains the password to access the online rechartering system, plus some other useful forms, flyers and handouts. It can be picked up any time during the meeting.
At 7:00 pm, before the Roundtable begins, an informal training session will be held to help the person who will recharter your unit understand the entire process. This thirty minute session could save you hours of frustration later - the key is where and when to start.
Everyone is most welcome to stay for the meeting afterwards. We strive to make our roundtables and exchange of scouting experiences and ideas.
This sharing of information cannot happen without you! A Roundtable Commissioner is only there to organize everyone's contributions in a productive manner. All who attend are engaged as equals, hence the name of the meeting. And, all leaders should walk away with program ideas they can use at their next unit meeting!
Yours in Scouting,
David Mitchko
Mercer Area District Commissioner

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